Hy-Gain TH6DXX Installation at W7VO

May 2009

The first thing you need is a good crew. Here are (L-R) W7VO,  KD7JET,  W7OR,  and  AC8MJ. My neighbor Bruce (at the back) offered his tractor to help with lifting the antenna. Not pictured is K0JJ and WH6KO, who did the photography. The second thing is to drape 200 foot long  lines over the ends of the antenna. They are draped over so they can be easily pulled loose once the antenna is installed on the mast. These lines will be used to guide the antenna and keep it level as it goes up. A third line is attached in the middle to help pull  the antenna away from the guy wires

  Here I am, installing the gin pole on the tower. Our first attempt failed because of the 2 inch exhaust tubing used for the gin pole, which bent like a pretzel under the weight of the TH6. WH6KO had some heavy 2 inch galvanized pipe, which worked much better

Steady as she goes! The antenna is being pulled up ever so slowly by KD7JETs Ford Explorer from a pulley at the base of the tower. There are 4 people on the ground for this install, 3 to manage the antenna and one to drive the truck   

 No turning back now, about halfway there.......     

  I can  hear the DX already

Damn, this sucker is heavy! You really need two people at the top of the tower to wrestle the 75 lb antenna into position and bolt it to the mast

 Tying up loose ends....

Time to enjoy the view on the way down.

  W7OR, K0JJ and W7VO admiring a job well done!


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